Degree Options

When you’re exploring the type of college that you see yourself in, it’s important to know about various types of admission offered at different institutions.

Bachelor’s Programs

Bachelor’s programs last between four and five years depending on the major that is chosen. They are designed to give students a thorough education based on a well-rounded curriculum of subjects, with a concentration on skills and knowledge pertaining to the major.

Students who are looking for the “college experience” often choose bachelor’s programs because it gives them the opportunity to live in residence halls, form long-term bonds with teachers and peers and deeply immerse themselves in their education.

If you have the passion and ability to invest four years into your education, starting with a bachelor’s degree may be the right choice for you. There are numerous opportunities for you to double major, study abroad and make professional contacts that could lead to internships, co-ops and career-starting jobs. Many schools even offer five-year programs that allow you to achieve your bachelor’s and master’s.

Associate’s Programs

Associate’s programs are usually designed with a two-year completion timeline. These programs often cater to students who need extremely flexible schedules that involve weekday, weeknight and weekend classes. Many campuses that offer associate’s degrees have smaller, intimate classes that may feel closer to what you’re used to after attending high school.

Because of the abbreviated program length, associate’s programs can be a great solution for students who do cannot carry the financial burden of a four-year program. In addition, having an associate’s degree looks great on any resume and proves that you have taken the time to build skills and knowledge in a particular field.

Many students get associate’s degrees and transfer to a four-year program as juniors – achieving two degrees in four years!

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs aren’t degrees, but they are great supplements to your higher education. Many certificate programs give you credentials in a skilled trade like dental assisting, office management, or accounting.