Know Your Numbers

If you aren’t used to taking standardized tests, they can seem like a big obstacle. There is no number or measurement that describes how much potential you have in higher education, but because admissions offices have so many students to consider, GPA and test scores help them accurately grasp how much a student has achieved during their time in high school.

Knowing your numbers is important because it helps you predict which schools you can get into easily, and which schools you need to improve your academic performance in order to get accepted into.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

In high school, you want to make sure that your GPA stays high in order to be as eligible as possible for scholarships, honors colleges and admission into well-ranked schools.


It is important to maintain a high GPA in order to present yourself in the best way to schools that have not met you yet. There are many admissions offices that love to meet prospective students, but the fact is that between your busy schedule and location, and the school’s busy schedule and location, it can be hard to meet with every student individually.


Your grade point average is a reflection of how well you did in your high school classes. Many colleges and universities will look at this number in order to decide if you can keep up with the challenge and pace of education programs that they offer. The higher your GPA is to 4.0, the more it says “I’m ready for the challenge of college.”

Almost every major accredited college or university that you apply to will require you to submit your scores from the ACT or SAT. These standardized tests have been created to capture a general picture of your level of educational understanding so far.


Because different high schools all over the country have different kinds of classes and curriculums, it is important that tests like the ACT and SAT exist to measure how students perform based on the exact same educational criteria.


The ACT and SAT test you on a range of subjects from reading to science. By asking you a series of questions on each subject, the test gets a basic idea of how much you have learned throughout high school.


Don’t be ashamed if your ACT or SAT test scores are lower than you expected them to be, especially after taking them only once. The tests are created to gauge your standardized knowledge – not to tell you how smart you are. Making sure that you are on the same level as your peers in other parts of the United States is important, but it doesn’t define you. Try your best with standardized tests by taking pre-tests and adopting good studying technique. Get some rest and go into your tests feeling confident and prepared.