Getting Involved

Getting involved on your college campus is crucial to finding success as a student. Your friends, mentors and peers in your organizations will help you feel a sense of community at your new school, which will help you in many areas.


Getting involved provides you with a sense of accountability and belonging at your school. If you apply yourself towards a distinct purpose, you will find that its easy to form bonds, learn and grow along with your peers. It gives you the means to discover new things about yourself to explore who you are as a person. Whether you love gaming, sports, academics, dancing or fellowship – you can bet there is a group of students just like you that share the very same interests.

The first step to getting involved on campus is to do some research! Look on campus bulletin boards, websites and online newsletters for events and meet-ups. Make sure you look for events that are and are not familiar. Sometimes getting involved requires you to get outside of your comfort zone.

Be courageous and attend a meeting. If you’re too nervous, try to find a friend that will go with you for the first time. You never know, they might like it too! Be open-minded and show up on time in order to get your name on any lists and to meet other students who are already involved or interested in the organization. After that, it’s up to you to stay involved! Make a genuine effort to regularly attend meetings and soon it will be part of your normal schedule. Continue to manage your time efficiently and see how getting involved improves your experience as a college student!