Family Connection

Resources for Parents & Families

Thank you for encouraging your student to become a college graduate and welcome to our Georgia State family! Having a student who is the first member of a family to attend college brings a great sense of pride to a family. Georgia State University believes that academic, personal, and career success is possible for students of all backgrounds. If your student is the first member of your family to attend college, he or she will face some unique challenges. Please use the resources and recommendations provided on this site to help your student succeed. We asked and your students answered…What do you wish your parents knew about Georgia State and your experiences?
  • The pressure and stress that often comes with being in college
  • How to support me and try their best to understand what I am experiencing
  • Words of encouragement mean everything! It goes a long way knowing that you believe in us!
It is through your support and guidance that your student was able to graduate from high school and begin this new chapter of his/her life. You can take great joy in knowing that your student is creating a new family legacy! If you have further questions regarding Gen1 Programs and first-generation college students, please contact Melanie Harris at [email protected].