Choosing a Major

Students usually find themselves in one of three categories when it comes to choosing a major. Some students know exactly what they want to do after college. They have planned and dreamed about their future profession for years. Others have a general direction that they want to explore, and know the right fit is out there for them. There are also students who have no idea what they’d like to major in, even going into their sophomore year of college!


No matter where you are with your decision, don’t panic. Choosing your program and major are important decisions, and you shouldn’t make them hastily. Consider the following suggestions as you try to come to a conclusion.

Identify Your Strengths

When you’re researching colleges and universities it’s important to think about which schools are a good financial fit for you and your family. What can you and your family afford to contribute to the cost of your college education? Do the schools you like offer good financial aid packages or scholarships? Are you willing to take out student loans now and pay them off after graduation? These are important questions to think about as you sort through schools.

Find Your Inspiration

Think about topics that make you excited each and every day. After all, the major you choose will translate into a degree, and a career too! What career fields inspire you and make you want to learn more? Some people know that they want to be in a creative field because they always want to learn new ways to express themselves. Others love the structure of corporate business and the opportunities they’ll have to climb the ladder to success.

Speak and Shadow

If you want to learn more about what a certain career field entails, the best thing you can do is talk to a professional that already works in it. Speak with your professors or advisors about networking and finding someone who you can have a conversation within your field of interest. Set up a phone call, a lunch or a day for you to shadow them at work. Don’t be afraid to ask your most honest questions about the job. That’s how you’ll get the best answers!

Be Realistic

Choosing a major opens up tons of opportunities for students, but it’s still important to remain realistic. If you typically struggle in a subject, you’ll have to put all of your time and effort into getting better at it and making it your career. You’ll have to be ready to make that commitment, and ask yourself if that is truly how you would like to begin your life as a working professional.

In addition, don’t choose a major purely based on what others want you to choose. Many students feel a large sense of responsibility to make money or to follow in a family tradition, but do not have any passion for their subject matter. Do not waste the valuable opportunity you have in college by studying something that you do not feel strongly about. Make choosing a major the first step towards your happy and fulfilling career after college!