High School to College Timeline

Your journey into college will be full of milestones and tasks. We’ve provided a timeline to help keep you on track, beginning in your freshman year of high school, and taking you all the way through your freshman year of college.

9th Grade - Freshman in High School

»   Meet with your guidance counselor and express your higher education goals
»   Explore academic interests
»   Learn about different career fields
»   Get involved in clubs and organizations
»   Learn about AP and honors classes
»   Know what common core credits you will need to graduate and plan your curriculum accordingly

10th Grade - Sophmore in High School

»   Monitor your grades and keep them as high as possible
»   Learn about the practice PSAT
»   Take a PLAN assessment to help you evaluate your career interests
»   Find mentorship
»   Continue to try new activities and take classes that challenge you
»   Begin conversations about your education goals and budget with your family
»   Research opportunities for Dual Enrollment through nearby universities
»   Learn about state-specific merit scholarships from your guidance counselor

11th Grade - Junior in High School

»   Find test prep books and study guides online, from a guidance counselor or at your local library
»   Take the PSAT if you want a trial run before official testing
»   Attend local college fairs and gather information about schools that suit you
»   Schedule your ACT and/or SAT testing and set up a study schedule
»   Create a Bookmarks folder on your web browser with links to your favorite college websites
»   Talk to your parents about a small savings for next year’s application fees
»   Continue to keep your grades as high as possible

12th Grade - Senior in High School

»   Re-schedule testing if you want to achieve higher scores
»   Maintain your GPA for great scholarship standing
»   Visit your top choices for college
»   Speak with admissions counselors at your top schools
»   Fill out the FAFSA
»   Search and apply for scholarships
»   Apply to your top choice schools
»   Strive for savings that will help you with college expenses not covered by financial aid
»   Make a calendar with important dates and deadlines for applications and scholarships

Summer Before Your Freshman Year

»   Attend freshman orientation
»   Work at your summer job for personal savings
»   Visit the community around your college or university with your family
»   Search for part-time jobs around school
»   Meet your academic advisor to talk about your first semester’s classes and graduation trajectory
»   Think about transportation to and from home, work and school
»   Make choices about housing

Freshmen Year

»   Search for a sense of community through academics, friends or involvement in organizations
»   Concentrate on academic interests that will lead to the right major for you
»   Talk with your school’s career service center about internships or co-ops
»   Focus on time management and balance